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COVID-19 Health Update


At KEES, we take seriously the preservation of our guests’ and employees’ well being, and we are constantly vigilant to make sure our health and safety standards are up to date in order to achieve this goal. Our policies are designed to keep everybody involved with KEES services safe from a vast array of diseases, including COVID-19, and these policies include everything from hygiene guidelines and cleaning product specifications to constant communication between staff to ensure our safety standards are being upheld at all times.

Associate Knowledge:  

Guest Safety: KEES uses cleaning and disinfection protocols to sterilize all surfaces and replenish all amenities in a home before the arrival of every guest, with particular care given to high-touch items. Our cleaning staff is trained to ensure that they are knowledgeable in the most complete, diligent and safe methods of sterilization.

Employee hygiene: Our cleaning staff constantly maintains high standards of safety while carrying out their duties to protect themselves and our guests. Such standards include frequent hand washing and careful disposal of potentially hazardous items using the proper materials.

Our Commitment to Health and Safety:  

Training: Upon beginning their employment with KEES, all new team members immediately receive training in the most up-to-date standards of hospitality hygiene and safety. These standards are constantly evolving to best protect guests and employees alike from new potential health hazards, such as COVID-19.

24/7 Communication: Team supervisors are always monitoring health and safety updates from both team members and news sources. Issues that arise are taken seriously, and their solutions are quickly disseminated via instant messaging, meetings, memos and written communications.

For the most recent information on COVID-19, please refer to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or your local health authority.